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The Mad River fishes well for trout from Urbana to Zanesfield, Ohio. 

The River is officially called the East Fork Whitewater River.  It originates at the Brookville Dam and travels about 2.25 miles until it empties in the White Water River. 


The Mad River, Ohio

The Tailwaters of Brookville, In.

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        Match your Fly Rod/Line Weight to what Fly Size Range you plan to Fish

                              Rod/Line Weight                Fly Size Range

                                                     3                                                 12-28    

                                                     4                                                 10-26

                                                     5                                                  8-24

                                                     6                                                  6-20

                                                     7                                                  4-16

                                                     8                                                 1/0-12

                                                     9                                                 2/0-10

                                                    10                                                 3/0-8

                                                    11                                                 4/0-6

                                                    12                                                 6/0-4

*This is just a guideline, size of water, length of cast and species of fish also come into play.